Either/Or is an online culture magazine. We aspire to be a vital site for examining, disseminating, critiquing, and commending authors, artists, movements, and more.

We aim to promote in-depth analysis that should encourage, not limit, further discussion. We expect our contributors to write well, argue concisely, and think critically.

If we don’t believe a piece is excellent, we won’t publish it. That said, the opinions contained within the articles we publish represent the opinions of their author, not the Either/Or editorial board.

About the website

Most outlets nowadays shove megabytes of phone-freezing advertising, auto-playing videos, and identity-tracking javascript into every page you visit. That, of course, is after you create an account and log in so you can get past the paywall.

We don’t. No ads, no tracking, nothing. There are no paywalls, no embargos on Incognito Mode. We want the experience of reading our stuff to be pleasant.

This venture is primarily a labor of love, but if you would like to support us, you can help pay our hosting costs by chipping in a buck or two on Patreon. Any amount helps.


Either/Or was founded by Hap Burke and James Rahner in July 2019. Giuseppe Vitellaro joined the executive staff in August 2019. The current website was built on Hugo and went live in November 2019.

Executive Editor: Hap Burke
Managing Editor: James Rahner
Web Editor: Giuseppe Vitellaro