Life after Vine

– Byte’s attempt to enter the small-screen social media industry, and the formal differences between its forebearers Vine and TikTok

Weekly Food Trends!

– Now extra spurious!

The Mouse Enters

– Disney’s unconventional strategy in the streaming wars, and what it might mean going forward.

The Good Place is just okay

– Sorry.

Remembering Coco and remembering in Coco

– Two years after its release, Coco still has much to offer about how we remember.

Coco: Review

– First impressions of Pixar’s Coco, reviewed in November 2017.

The Fantastic Facade at Universal Studios

– Reflecting on the weird reality incarnated in a theme park.

Stadiums and Screens: Watching Baseball from Kauffman

– As sports viewership trends change, Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium is a rare reminder of how America’s pastime used to be watched.

Dreams of Tweetland

– Tracing the hazy present-day outline of a weird website.

Saying goodbye to James and Woody

– Examining Hollywood’s sequel problem via Toy Story 4 and Ralph Breaks the Internet.